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Let's chat a bit about some of those pesky FAQs.

  • I want you to make me a website. What's the process like?
    First Communication I offer a free 15-minute phone call to establish what you're looking for and if we are a good fit. Design Estimate We're a great fit- awesome! At this point, I'll request that you send me any and all content you may have so I can draft a design estimate, which will outline what you're looking for and the anticipated cost of your project. I ask for a 2-hour deposit ($90) to draft the estimate. The 2-hour deposit will go towards the total cost. Starting Your Project Once we have agreed upon the design estimate, I'll begin working on your website. This portion generally takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of your project. In this timeframe, I ask that you check your email twice a day to ensure we are on track. Playing Ball Once I have completed the first draft of your website, I will send you a link for you to preview it. I suggest you and a friend thoroughly look through the site for any changes you may request. Once I get your feedback, I will send you another preview for approval. I do my best to catch mistakes, but ultimately you are responsible for reviewing and approving the final product. Website Approved Once you have approved your website, I ask you pay the remainder of your balance. Then, I will transfer the site to your Wix account. At this point, you are responsible for connecting your domain and publishing it online. Aftermath To ensure everything is perfect and running smoothly, I will keep myself available for any tweaks for 1 month after transferring the website to you.
  • How much do websites cost?
    Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions is how much do websites cost? The variables that affect the cost to design a website are 1) page count 2) sections per page 3) function (What do you want your website to do?) I think of website design a lot like building a house. Just like with an architect, we start with the question, "Do you want a tiny house, ranch-style home, or a palace?"
  • How do I access my website once you’re done?
    I design all websites through Wix. Once I am done with your project, I will transfer the website to a Wix account you set up. From there, you will have full control of and access to your website.
  • Do you offer ongoing support once my project is completed?
    I include 1 hour of ongoing support for 1 month in your website package. Past that, I offer $15 for 15-minute edits or $45 hourly.
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